Michael McDermott
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Did the Westies cd's get mailed yet?

Michael McDermott responded on 09/03/2013

8/29 - Not yet, but very soon.
9/3 - The Westies Limited Edition packages are out in the mail today! There are still a few left - get yours today at http://www.michael-mcdermott.com/the-wes... When they're gone, they're gone!!!!


Apparel. Hey, Michael, it seems like those boots you wear, in addition to continuously stompin’ a great beat, may very well harken back to the days of No. 49. Are they the originals? And what about the earrings? Sentimental story there?

Michael McDermott responded on 09/01/2013

No, i've been through several pairs since the surf days....i give them quite a beating even just on stage......the pair before this were actually owned by the actor Richard Davalos who starred with James Dean in East Of Eden.....being a huge Dean fan growing up.....they were vintage, so i dreamt that they were worn on set with Dean....but i wore those out too....these current ones were bought in Nashville probably 3 or 4 years ago.....holding up good.

earrings? no story here.......just like hoops.....


Hey Michael, I have a notion: you've been doing this for so many years, you've cut so many incredible records, what do you think about pulling together a "Best of"? But not just any "Best of"! How about you let the fans vote on some of the tunes, then rerecord the choices? I love the idea of documenting all your finest stuff as performed by the same crack band. Or is too soon?

Michael McDermott responded on 08/29/2013

well i love the idea, however the cost of recording such a record would be costly and with so many songs yet to record as an artist i'm more interested in moving forward then spending what limited funds i have on songs i've already recorded.

I will do a show at some point as a " best of"

thank you for reaching out!