Michael McDermott

Hey Michael first as i have said and told everyone you are the best singer songwriter we currently have on this earth! Now for a question you write about all personal things and people so at what age did you start to write these personal tunes, and do you ever write about nothing just a song of lists ( that was from Justin Currie saying about songs of lists)

Michael McDermott responded on 11/13/2013

Thank you Raymond. !!! I guess it's just how I've always done it. With each song I try and make it the best I can with whatever the subject matter is. They say the best writing is the most honest. We all have many layers or faces that we present to the world and sometimes you lose track of which mask you are wearing. Same goes with writing... When a song doesn't work, there are a few reasons for it. Sometimes you just strike out, you swing and miss. Other times if you have a great idea, but it still fails as a song, I chalk that up to, not being honest, not being real, not committing to the subject whole heartedly. Other songs are just laid at your feet, and every writer loves that, but those are rare gifts from the cosmos and don't come around nearly as often as you would like. Great question.

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