Michael McDermott

Hi Michael - I'm a long time fan from the Chicago suburbs who's had the honor of meeting & hanging out with your father for a bit after your show at Harper College sometime around 1994-95. What a trip! Anyway I just recently heard a mid-90s Dylan tune from his album "Time Out Of Mind" called "Make You Feel My Love". My immediate reaction was "Michael McDermott NEEDS to sing this". So brother - I insist you check it out - if you already don't know it by heart. I think it'd sound especially amazing if you would perform it. Thanks!

Michael McDermott responded on 03/23/2014

Thanks Mike.....i remember that show quite well. I am very familiar with that tune.....its an amazing album.....so many people have and are covering it......i'm pretty sure i'm not gonna be touching it anytime soon. Thanks for writing though....and i certainly hope to see you soon.

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