Michael McDermott

Hi Michael ! This is Stan the cab driver that took you home from Midway. I used to tell people that 90 bucks was my best tip ever. That is not true anymore.The cd you gave me is the best tip. My favorite songs are 3) Ain't over you yet" 2)" My father's son" and # 1)" I shall be healed". Do you realize that could be a huge hit on Contemporary Christian stations if you teak the lyrics a tad so that it is overtly about God instead of both God and a woman. I have met alot of wannabe artists. You sir are the real deal ! We once had an aspiring musician named Ray at the high school I attended. He wanted to be a musician professionally. Some tried to dsicourage him. Rough business and all. His last name was Manzarek, one of the founders of The Doors.When is your next local concert ? I am assembling a small army to bring with me. I am a fan. I describe you as a cross between Springsteen & Bob Dylan (with a good voice ). I will drive you & Heather anytime! Stan

Michael McDermott responded on 03/23/2014

Hey Stan,
Thanks so much man.....you were priceless. If i wasn't so exhausted i would have been more interactive with your great stories....thanks for a most entertaining ride.

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