Michael McDermott

Dear Michael, when you look back at some of your earliest works do you feel you would re- write them or did they capture the essence of how you felt at that time perfectly?

Michael McDermott responded on 03/23/2014

Hey Annie.....

Interesting question......i haven't really thought about it actually. There are things that jump out at you from time to time, that strike me as something that maybe doesn't seem right, but i'm a forward thinker, so when a song is finished whether on a record or really in my head.....that's kind of it. Some songwriters tweak and tweak and tweak, i do somewhat, probably not as much as some.....i heard Leonard Cohen would spend years on one line....not really the way i work......maybe i should! When inspiration strikes its important to capture it, ....if you leave it alone for too long......it can still work but i've found some of that initial energy is tough to recapture. Thanks for writing. m

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