Michael McDermott

Michael, I saw you play a couple of shows in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico about 24 years ago on consecutive nights. You shared the stage with the Bodeans. Great great shows. I have followed you ever since, my favorite recent album is Beneath the Ashes, although the last 4 or 5 Albums have been absolutely great. By the way thanks for sneaking in the Westies, incredible music, as usual. Is there any chance you will find your way to Santa Fe New Mexico again? I will try to catch you if you come to Denver, but it would be great to see you in Santa Fe again.

Michael McDermott responded on 03/23/2014

Hey Bob.....
I remember those shows and actually had a board tape of Albuquerque for a while cuz we tried a few new songs that night.....was the last time i was there. Would most certainly love to get back there. Sure I will someday, just no plans as of now.....thanks and hope to see you soon!

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