Michael McDermott

hi Michael, how R U? we met in Cantù, somewhere between Milan and Como lake, last monday. thanks once more for the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G show! I was wearing a "Bourbon Blue" T-shirt and you signed on my "Hey La Hey" CD cover. it looks like your "From Chicago to Gethsemane" DVD is not distributed in Europe and, unfortunately, a shipping rate from the U.S. would cost twice the price of the DVD itself... is there any chance to find it on amazon.it or perhaps on amazon.co.uk, one of these days? all the best _Maurizio

Michael McDermott responded on 08/25/2014

Hey Maurizio......thank you so much....not really sure about the CD's.....we can get the downloaded album from the website but the record is out of print so they are fairly hard to find......thanks for listening....see you next time!!

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